Galit Pnina Avinoam. graduate of Holon institute of technology (H.I.T)
Israel in 1999 .

Previously Lecturer at the BVD Design Academy , the Open University ,H.I.T Holon, and
others .Galit specialized on tailoring design to meet the customer expectations.

Galit specialized in planning and designing of privet& commercial spaces such as retail ,clubs ,bars, restaurants ,offices, Halles, and hotels.
Galit has found her true calling in identifying the uniqueness and special personality in every
project or client -instead of just designing another house that is not tailored to special needs
and maybe only looks good in a magazine but serves no specific purpose in real life.

Combining her innate sense of truly understanding people with her aesthetics Galit has
created her unique vision on design : she is constantly looking for proportion and context,
striving to achieve a balance between the customers personality and architectural goals.

In addition, Galit professionally writes articales about architecture and design.
Devoted to making her design accessible to the masses galit shares her knowledged in tv shows.

A dedicated supports of good deeds galit is a voluntary in several organization.
Moreover, she supports young students, disadvantaged teenagers ,and holocaust survivors.